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The knowledge, experience, expertise, and equipment to ship anything anywhere in the world.

Days Export Packing brings 30 years of experience and ongoing engagement with the most improved methods and materials for fail-free packing and shipping of high-value machinery, equipment and products. Our expertise in export and domestic packing applies to everything from fragile electronic circuit boards to a complete machine line; from simple skidding and shrouding to the latest packing technology for demanding military and commercial applications. Whether moving an entire factory or a priceless artifact, we make sure it arrives at Point B in the same condition in which it left Point A, no matter where those points are. It’s all about first class service and expertise: for when it’s too valuable for anything less.

a Certified Dealer of Cortec Products

Days Export Packing is proud to be a distributor of Cortec Products.  Cortec is the world leader in Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology.  Cortec manufactures products that prevent metal from rusting. They are the only Vertically Integrated Manufacturer of VpCi packaging, powders, liquids and emitters.  With over 500 products to offer and sales and service teams in more than 100 countries, Cortec can help you with any corrosion issue big or small. To learn more about Cortec and how Days Export Packing can help you with your corrosion needs click here to see their products.

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